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 Updated: 02/15/08.

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Vrienden van Amstel Live:

June 2000


The Control Room

            Make-up                                                 Outside-set

How television was made in the year 2000.

Station: RTL 4

Production: 625 TVProdukties

Tech.Executive: Video Associates

Vision by: Alphacam

Sound by: NSE  (exept.Audiomixer: Alphacam)

PA: R.S.L.Europe Audio



Ontbijt ter Duin

June 2000

Station: Canal+

Tech.Executive: Video Associates

Vision by: VSE

Sound by: NSE  



Designing and building the (studio) audio for the series "Goudkust"

Aug./Sept. 2000

Console: Yamaha O2R

Recording system: ProFile + Digibeta (backup)

Edit system: VIP 

Contractor: Ace Video

Updating my home based workspace



The TAC 16/8/2 console (served very well from 1982 until now), was changed for a Yamaha O2R.

A pair of Rode NT1's were purchased.

For post-pro and editing, I use SoundForge 5.0


Daily Work

Jan 2001

                           (Photo:Hayrettin Orgu)

Recording a daily gameshow.

Studio: VA de Jongens

Console: OtariStatus


Recording 't Weer, a Dutch language singing Hardrock Band

Studio: VA de Jongens

Console: OtariStatus

Dutch Day

June 2001


Recording a music-festival for TV.

My job: working backstage, supervising the connections between stages 1 & 2 and the OBVan

17 Bands on 2 stages in 9.5 hours.

Tech.Executive: VA de Jongens

In de Schaduw van het Nieuws

June 2002



Broadcaster: KRO

Tech.Executive: VA de Jongens

Facilities: VSE


Building "Parkpost"

2006 / 2007


Tech.Executive: Ace Video







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